Yes, that title is extremely cliche. I understand if you are already having doubts on clicking on this post. To add oil to the fire, I literally just found out that it is codecademy not code academy… I cannot be the first one to have made this assumption. My goal for starting this blog is quite simple. I need some way to keep track of my notes and thoughts throughout this process and a way to hold myself accountable. I do admit this is actually my second attempt at starting this blog… Hence the name instead of I highly doubt anyone would actually read this so I definitely did not put much thought into it.

A little about my qualifications: I know nothing about coding. I took a C++ course about 6 years ago and failed miserably because I just copied off of my friends :C.

Just a few metrics/goals for this blog:

  • Track my notes
  • Track my mistakes (because maybe someone out there in the world made the same mistakes as me)
  • Track the amount of time spent each day and on each section (shooting for at least 5 hours per week)
  • Maybe something a little fun.
  • A reflection of things I learned

I have no idea whether or not a blog like this has been started. If you ¬†ever read this, feel free to let me know! I most likely will not listen. I truly hope that in a few months I can look back at this and say “I did it”